Our Artists

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Christine Van Eeckhoudt

Her training as a psychoanalyst and her love of art have taught her to look at the world around her in “a certain way” and to seek out beauty in every being and everything. She attempts to capture their soul through photography and writing to which she is devoted as an enthusiastic amateur. Her home being on the edge of the Spa Francorchamps circuit, it is therefore quite natural that she should find herself on many occasions photographing the life and the atmosphere at motor races.


Jacques Breuer

He has been into cars and photography since the age of 15. Being close to the Spa-Francorchamps motor racing circuit certainly has something to do with it. Having set himself up as an advertising and industrial photographer in 1974, it was natural that his passion for cars should lead him to practising his art in the automotive environment. His experience, his graphic sense and the attraction of vintage cars led him to “invent” “Automotive Pictography” in 2002. His “pictography” is a form of alchemy combining photography, drawing and new technology, attracting collectors to his work.


6h 2008
Belgian grand prix   lotus

Jean Bellemans

This business and finance university professor has had the privilege of witnessing motorsport in the sixties. As an amateur photographer, he broke into this very closed milieu little by little and took highly successful mood photos, including those at the Brussels GP and at Francorchamps.


Thierry Borremans

Born in 1952, he soon developed a passion for motorsport and photography having been at his first Formula 1 GP, the 1962 Francorchamps GP, taken by his father. From then on, his craze for motorsport led him to attend a great many races, both in Belgium and abroad. At the age of 18 he completed his first photographic report as an accredited journalist, on behalf of “Virage Auto”, a Belgian car magazine. This was followed by 10 years of reporting devoted to motor racing, some of which took him outside Europe.


Lemans 1977
250swb goodwood tt61 bl recadr

Nicolas Cancelier

Nicolas was born into a family of artists, so he started wielding his brushes at a very early age! Whilst the odour of oil paint and turps permeated the family home, it was different kind of smell that attracted him: that of oil, grease and petrol wafting over from the neighbouring garage business… This love of speed on 4 wheels very soon led him to his passion… motor racing! So he naturally went on to bring his dreams to life on drawing paper… Since then he has been travelling the history of motor racing through his canvase.



Claude Viseur set out on his professional career in 1967, starting in cartoons at the Belvision studios in Brussels (Astérix by Uderzo and Goscinny, Lucky Luke by Morris, Tintin by Hergé, etc.). It was at this stage that he chose the name Clovis (a contraction of his first name and surname). A lifelong motorsport enthusiast, he contributes to several Belgian magazines. He met Jean Graton in 1974 and joined his team, where he was given responsibility for creating Michel Vaillant’s cars. He left Graton’s studio in 1981 to devote himself exclusively to illustration (strip cartoons, humorous, realist and advertising plates).


Lotus20 clovis

Pierre Englebert

He has been drawing since childhood and divides his time nowadays between professional illustration and artistic leisure. He likes to tackle different themes as well as varying techniques, provided they enable him to express beauty through the academic approach. Colour harmony, sketching in pencil, in watercolour, acrylic, pastel and other mixed media… Cars were the first theme he chose to fill the margins of his school exercise books with sketches. He has revisited them since then on canvas and in acrylic, still with the same enthusiasm. This theme brings together the essence of his artistic creations.